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Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot

This paper presents the development of a firefighting that can extinguish fire without the need for fire fighters to be exposed to unnecessary danger. It is designed to be compact in size than other conventional fire-fighting robot in order to ease small location entry for deeper reach of extinguishing fire in narrow space. This  is also equipped with an ultrasonic sensor to avoid it from hitting any obstacle and surrounding objects, while a flame sensor is attached for fire detection and the robot is programmed to find the fire location and stop at maximum distance of 40 cm from the fire.

Design of Gas Leak locator and Alerting Car

Many  pipelines used in the transportation of petroleum products and natural gas are identified by above ground pipeline markers. Some pipelines transport other hazardous products such as chemicals, highly volatile liquids, and anhydrous ammonia, or carbon dioxide. Pipeline markers are located along certain pipeline routes that identify the approximate location of the pipeline. In our project we are planning to detect the exact location of the leak. A gas leak locator is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, as part of a occupational safety system. This type of equipment is used to detect a gas leak, heat, fire and other emissions and can interface with a human. This project measures and alerts the worker from this danger. The detector unit will be a movable car based equipment. It can be controlled from a mobile phone. This unit will move along with the pipe line, monitor the atmosphere and gives alert messages.

Autonomous Farming Robot with soil condition Indication

Pipeline inspection Robo car