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IOT based Home Automation and Energy Conservation System

Home automation is the process of controlling home appliances automatically using various control system techniques. The electrical and electronic appliances in the home such as fan, lights, outdoor lights, fire alarm, can be controlled using Micro Controller.

The main objective of this project is to build a smart home device which can be used to control the home appliances via internet. The home automation device that you build can be integrated with almost all the home appliances and can be used to control them remotely from any part of the world.To facilitate the wireless connectivity with the system, the controller will be embedded with a WiFi module. This establishes the internet connection to the system and all the home appliances can in turn be connected and controlled by the user.

Centralized Bank Security System for Monitoring and Alerting using IOT

In the present time, Commercially available anti-theft burglar systems are used in banks which is very expensive and even thiefs can disable it. Along with that humans aer also appointed for security. Cameras fixed in the banks and ATMs for surveillance used for continuous video recording  , require a huge amount of data storage.

In our proposed method, we use Microcontrollers and sensors to measure different parameters like hazardous gas, room temperature, and human sensor to detect or identify intruder or abnormal activities inside the bank and ATM. The main aim of this project is to design an Automation system for alerting theft and to auto arrest the thief in bank by automatically closiing the doors. The purpose of the system is to design a smart and centralized continuous monitoring and control system using IOT technologies. Along with security, safety is also ensured in the cash storage room. If short circut occurs, or any other abormal gas is sensed an alarm is generated to alert the present condition.Also this data is sent to the manager or incharge through IOT. We have designed a safe security system in which a person can enter the room only if they had proper identification card. A RFID is used to validate the person entering the room. If the card is not valid the person is denied to enter the room.

IOT based Solar Panel Performance Monitoring from Remote location and Solar tracking

The objective of this project is to design and implement a system that rotates solar panel in the direction of the sun for maximum utilization of the solar energy in a day. The Sun tracking solar panel consists of  LDRs, solar panel , a servo motor and Micro controller. The LDRs are placed  on the panel in such a way that sunlight falling on them is compared and the panel position is rotated towards the direction of LDR which has high intensity. If intensity of light on both the panels is same the panel will remain  constant and there is no rotation.Also the power generated is monitored and if any detoriation is sensed, panel is cleaned to improve the efficency.This data is sent to the panel incharge through IOT so that the panel condition can be monitored for remote location.

RFID based Smart Ration System using Micro Controller

Public Distribution System(PDS) is for Distribution of essential commodities to a large number of people through a network of FPS (Fair Price Shop) on a recurring basis. The commodities are Wheat, Rice, Sugar and Kerosene etc. PDS evolved as a major instrument of the Government’s economic policy for ensuring availability of food grains to the public at affordable prices as well as for enhancing the food security for the poor. PDS is operated under the joint responsibility of the Central and the State Governments.

While distributing PDs so many manual work has to be carried out. There are possibilities of manual errors. In our project we design a system in which the items will be delivered automatically without manual intervention. The user places the vessel and swipe the ID card. Based on the prior allotted quantity a particular product and defined quantity is delivered to the vessel.

Design of Laboratory Safety System using Micro Controller

When lab safety procedures aren’t followed, people can get hurt –or worse. Lab equipment and chemicals that are improperly handled can result in personal injury and even death. Chemical spills, toxic fumes, needle pricks, and fires can harm lab workers, Fires can occur when lab safety procedures are not followed.

Chemicals that are improperly stored or handled can react with one another to cause fires and explosions. The subsequent property damage can affect the lab, all of the work performed there. A safety  system needs to be designed to to ensure atmost safety in the laboratories.

 Areas of lab safety:

  • Chemical safety
  • Bio safety
  • Gas safety
  • Fume hood safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Water safety
  • Radiation safety
  • Laser safety
  • Fire safety

In our project, we’re going to review some of the potential lab hazards and ways we reduce risks. There are so many areas to improve safety in lab. The purpose of this project is to keep the lab with safety in mind—so that the personals  always be on alert to the hazards.

Smart blind stick for visually disabled

Generally we observe that white cane is the best friend of visually impaired person. But many a times this cane is not useful. In an unfamiliar surrounding visually impaired person might get confused. So this restricts their mobility. This makes them dependent on others. We here propose an advanced blind stick that allows visually challenged people to navigate with ease using advanced technology. The blind stick is integrated with ultrasonic sensor along with light and fire sensing. Our proposed project first uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles ahead using ultrasonic waves. On sensing obstacles the sensor passes this data to the arduino Uno and the controller calculates if the obstacle is close enough and generates audible alarm or vibration to alert the user for hazardous situation. Along with this we also detect parameters like fire and water to alert the person.

Ambient conditions monitoring in cargo containers for international commerce transportation

A shipping container is a container with strength suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. The active shipping system is a dedicated portable container. They come in two types: systems with cooling only, and systems with both heating and cooling. When temperature sensitive materials are shipped by cargo services, the user is not aware that the product is maintained at the prescribed temperature throughout the journey. To protect our products and to claim refund in case if the material is damaged, it is the users responsibility to monitor the material. So in this project we design a blind box that should be kept along with the material to monitor the conditions as the material is shipped.

In our project we measure and log three parameters inside the cargo. They are Temperature, moisture and any toxic gas release. These parameters are continually monitored and recorded with time in a SD card chip. When the material is delivered, the end user can check the past history of the ambient conditions and check if the product was delivered in a good ambient condition.This project will be a great tool for transportation of medicines and other pharmachutical products and also any other temperature sensitive goods.

Baby Incubator Monitor

An incubator is an apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a neonate (newborn baby). It is used in preterm births or for some ill full-term babies. Incubators are designed for protection from cold temperature, infection, noise, drafts and excess handling. Incubators may be described as bassinets enclosed in plastic, with climate control equipment designed to keep them warm and limit their exposure to germs.

Our project concentrates on the automatic climate control of incubator by placing various sensors and actuators. The parameters that are being monitored are temperature, Humidity and air quality of oxygen supply. If any of these parameter deviate from the set value , audible alarm will be generated at the doctor’s or incharge’s place to indicate the issue. This project will provide atmost safety to the baby in the incubator.